Posting students' work on the Internet provides them with an important sense of validation and pride. Students need to learn that Cyberspace must be treated like real space and that therefore their use of the Internet must respect the following rules:


Discussing student interests and activities in forums such as web pages and e-mail are legitimate pedagogical activities. However, it is important to be aware of the possible risks associated with communicating in a global environment. Such risks could include:

  1. receiving unwanted communication and solicitations from individuals who gain access to students' personal identifying information;
  2. gaining access to unlawful, obscene, pornographic, erotic, sexually explicit, racist, abusive, discriminatory, hate-motivated, harassing, threatening, demeaning or otherwise objectionable material, imagery or language.

Minimizing student exposure to such risks is a key element of the School Board’s Information and Communication Technologies Access and Acceptable Use Policy.

As a standard operating procedure, students and schools cannot release the following student identifying information within Internet e-mail or other electronic publications/files:

A student's picture or name will not be released unless prior parental/ guardian permission has been obtained (Conent Form, Appendix 3). Each request will be evaluated by the teacher on a case-by-case basis.