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The Internet With Kindergarten and Cycle 1:

Fun, practical ways of using the Internet effectively in a Kindergarten, or Cycle 1 classroom - vocabulary, navigation, useful sites, suggestions for activites (e.g. Alphabet Adventure gallery), and classroom management.

This workshop was given at the QPAT Teacher's Convention (November ,1999 ) and at the Grics Conference (November, 1999).

Sites for Kindergarten and Cycle 1/ Sites pour la maternelle et 1er cycle

J'apprends avec les animaux!

Curious George

Premiers pas sur Internet

Build a Monster

Petit Monde

Coloring.com (a coloring book)

Le grand monde du préscolarie (pour 1er cycle aussi)

Voices of Youth -Lots of pictures but can be heavy subject matter

Zelda's Zany Zoo
Great links to zoo sites (at the bottom of the page)- lots of images

Scholastic - The Magic School Bus
Many activities and has an Art Gallery where the class can contribute and see their work on the web

Zoonet Image Archive

LITTLE EXPLORERS Picture Dictionary with Links

Mr.Rogers' Neighborhood

Enchanted Learning

My Hero

Kindergarten Connection (teacher resource)

The Electric Postcard

Be a Web Site Sleuth (Cycle 1)

Internet In Learning Power Point

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