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British Delegation at the EMSB, April 3-4, 2002

Resource Teachers' Network

Inquiry Based Learning Using the Internet: WebQuests

Digital Portfolio / Portfolio électronique

Plagiarism in an Online World ( a Power Point presentation)

An Elementary School Yearbook: An Online Project, St. Dorothy Elementary School
A power point presented at AQUOPS 2002 by Vilma Santilli (Teacher) and Dominic Furfaro (Principal)

Treasure or Trash, Folly or Fact, Jewel or Junk Telling the difference on the Internet.

  • A PowerPoint presented by Maureen Baron, EMSB, at IDC
  • Download the PowerPoint
Alphabet Adventure Gallery/Aventure de l'alphabet (Kindergarten/Maternelle and/et Cycle 1)

Cycle 1(Pompei, John Caboto, Frederick Banting)

Cycle 2

Cycle 3

Cycle I: Cooperative Learning in ICT

Internet in the 21st Century School

WebQuests - Inquiry Based Learning using the Internet

Organizing a School Tech Team

Team Building and Portfolios (St. Dorothy & Leonardo Da Vinci)

ICT in the Classroom (Bancroft)