A Workshop on Inquiry Based Learning using the Internet
  • This workshop can be done in one day but ideally it should take place over two days.


Start with WebQuests in 21st Century Learning (Download)

  • A power point presentation on inquiry based learning using WebQuests.

Now that teachers have an understanding of what a WebQuest is, have them go through the "Vacation ReQuest" WebQuest. This will give them opportunity to be in the role of the student. That is, learn by doing!

Have teachers read through the WebQuest in its entirety before beginning.

Go over the Additional Resource section (PMI Chart, Image Log, Netcitation) with the teachers before beginning. Stress the importance of these sections as they are an integral part of Media Literacy and critically assessing information from the Internet.

  • The PMI Charts, Image Logs, and Netcitation will help the student when completing their bibliographies.
  • The Image Log will also come to their rescue if they happen to loose an image that they were saving in their folder to use in the power point- they can refer back to the log to locate it.

Once everyone has presented their power point Travel Brochure, have them reflect on the process.

Possible reflection questions:

  • Reflect on the importance of the process.
    • Why was it so important to: keep an image log, follow proper Netcitation, to do the PMI chart?
    • How is this meaningful and an important part of the methodology of a student's project?
  • Reflect on your mistakes.
    • Did you skip steps in the process? Did you fill in all of the additional resource information?
  • Reflect on risks taken.
  • Reflect on how it can be improved
  • Reflect on why you had to do the activity in question.
    • Was it valuable to be placed in the role of the student?
  • Reflect on what you learned and how.
    • How can this form of inquiry based learning be used in your classrooms.

See the Bernie Dodge WebQuest Page - for a matrix of WebQuests from k-12.

Creating WebQuests (based on the templates from the Bernie Dodge WebQuest Page):

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