Aerodynamic Adventure
The Abridged Canadian Version


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This webquest begins your aerodynamic adventure as aspiring cargo plane pilots. We hope you will enjoy some aerodynamic adventures. During this webquest your group will face lofty challenges. Try to navigate through the following activities. Be sure to stay on task!

The Task:

Your team of aspiring aviators must complete a training process to develop skills that will enable you to simulate various aspects of flight preparation. You must enter the navigator training area in Plane Math Activities. First read Process I. Then report to Plane Math activities.

The Process:

Process Part I:

Divide into teams.

Make sure your team has a copy of the Aerodynamic Worksheets.

Training will include all of the following Plane Math Activities.

Your group will report to others back in the training facility using visual aids or in the form of a power point presentation.

Resources and links:

Power Point job aids (Mac)
Power Point job aids (PC)
World Wide Web
Plane Math - NASA
Metric System and Unit Conversion
Metric Conversion Chart

Learning Advice:

Teams should consist of 2 to 4 people working together at one computer.
This WebQuest could take 3 or more class periods depending on the students. It is important for each team to complete all the activities.



Completion of activity sheets with accuracy and complete sentences.
Class presentation. Share collection of data using visuals or a power point presentation.


This exercise will allow the learner an opportunity to enhance skills in Math and Science.


The original WebQuest was created by:
Rebecca Stump and Margaret Schram, Aycock Middle School, Greensboro, NC 27405

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