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Begin with something that describes the origin of the lesson.

Describe briefly what the lesson is about. Remember, the audience for this document is other teachers, not students.


Describe the grade level and course that the lesson is designed to cover. For example: "This lesson is anchored in seventh grade language arts and involves social studies and math to a lesser extent." If the lesson can easily be extended to additional grades and subjects, mention that briefly here as well.

Describe what the learners will need to know prior to beginning this lesson. Limit this description to the most critical skills that could not be picked up on the fly as the lesson is given.

Links to the QEP


Describe what domains or specific subjects are being covered.

Competency (ies) targeted:

Describe what competency (ies) you are targeting with your students.

Broad Areas of Learning:

Describe what area (s) of Lifelong Learning the WebQuest addresses.


Give a timeline here - That is, how many lessons it will involve etc...


If you can think of ways to vary the way the lesson might be carried out in different situations (lab vs. in-class, for example), describe them here.


How will you know that this lesson was successful? Describe what student products or performances you'll be looking at and how they'll be evaluated.

You may want to just copy and paste the evaluation section of the student page into this space and add any clarifications needed for another teacher to make use of this lesson.

Tips and Conclusion

Make some kind of summary statement here about the worthiness of this lesson and the importance of what it will teach.

Credits & References

List here the sources of any images, music or text that you're using. Provide links back to the original source. Say thanks to anyone who provided resources or help.

List any books and other analog media that you used as information sources as well.

Based on a template from The WebQuest Page