Integrated Enrichment Program

The Royal Vale Elementary Home and School Association provides two programs that introduces our students to a wide range of interests beyond the school curriculum. All programs take place during regular school hours. Students choose either Language Arts Enrichment or the Hebrew Studies P.E.L.O. program, and one of three enrichment activities.

In-depth social skills programs, including friendship, conflict resolution, respect and anti-bullying, are offered at the kindergarten level. They are funded by the yearly registration fees paid by all elementary parents to the Home and School Association.

Students select one program per school year:

Grades 1-2 (French)

The French course promotes the use and understanding of spoken French. Broad range of themes such as dinosaurs, space, the Inuit world, insects, knights and princesses, pirates, marine life and countries activities that help develop their speaking and listening skills. Variety of subjects that aim to stimulate the children’s interests and curiosity.

Grades 3-6 (English)

The English course is designed to strengthen reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, and to develop critical reading and logical thinking skills. Appreciation for language through literature and poetry is encouraged. Diverse activities to achieve these goals include research projects, workshop involvement, discussions/debates and self-expression through writing and speaking.

The Hebrew Studies PELO Program is geared to teaching students basicand fundamental Hebrew language skills. Throughout the year, students will hear speakers, attend plays, as well as participate in field trips and/or in-school workshops in order to meet the objectives of the program. Optional Hebrew Studies PELO program is offered in Kindergarten for an additional fee.

Grade 1 to 3

Work with the Tal AM program, an enriching and innovative language and heritage program. Learn the Hebrew letters, how to read words, and then short sentences.

Grades 4 to 6

Use the Shalom Ivrit, Welcome to Modern Hebrew series.Further their study of Hebrew by reading short stories and expanding their vocabulary.Work on short projects, including, the Holocaust, famous people (past and present), the history and meaning of holidays, and Israel.

Students select one activity in each category per term:

Cartooning Mosaic Art Sewing
Film Making Music Appreciation Soapstone Carving
Glee Club Origami Watercolour
Jewellery Making Performance Theatre Woodworking
Animal Awareness Cooking Photography
Babysitting Krazy Science Serpents and Reptiles
Book Making Math Blast Wilderness Survival
Chess Mythology  
Computers Paleontology  
Ballet Drumming Tennis
Baseball Flag Football Track and Field
Bellydancing Hip Hop Dancing Zumba
Cheerleading Speed Skating  
Courtyard Games Soccer  

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