Extra-Curricular Programs and Activities

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2017-2018 School Year

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Clubs and Cultural Events

With the support of knowledgeable mentors, students will design, program and build robots. Emphasis will be on creating autonomous robots capable of performing various tasks.

Bike club is an after school activity that is not only a physical activity that is great for your health, but it also teaches students that we can help contribute to the environment through pedal power! Students will learn all about safe riding skills and bike together on mini city adventures.

BHM is a student initiated cultural and historical presentation in an assembly, organized for the whole school. The aim of this presentation is to recognize the role of Black Canadians in the history of Quebec and Canada and their contribution to our rich and vibrant society. Student organizers along with their teacher/adviser(s) decide on outside speakers, practice relevant choreographed dances, choose appropriate poems to be read and decide on skits to be performed in order to relay our message.

Students come together to practice and improve on their chess playing skills as well as have the opportunity to increase their self-esteem and promote good sportsmanship. The game of chess is fun and interactive, helping our students develop cultural enrichment and valuable social skills. Chess is an excellent game that helps improve math development, critical thinking and logical reasoning. It enhances memory and problem solving skills.

Students will take part in this unique once in a lifetime experience that will include a big choir production, singing with a big symphony orchestra! Students will have the opportunity to perform for City Hall. They will be part of a retelling of the Legend King Midas children’s picture book and CD that will be sold around the world. It will involve musicians and artists from coast to coast and from both sides of the Atlantic.

Come sharpen your chef skills in our cooking club. Learn basic knife skills, cooking terminology and techniques. Students will be exposed to and try new recipes!

Come and have fun making jewelry. Students will be learning basic jewelry-making and beading techniques. Some of their work might be sold to raise money for charity and/or new materials. They will make jewelry from bought items and from donated or recycled items. Everyone is welcome to join!

“The act of creating is a healing gesture as essential to the spirit as food to the body.”- Jan Phillips

Students come together to develop their skills in sound and logical arguments. Students will improve their skills in public speaking and expose themselves to new and educational topics while increasing their understanding of important issues.

If you enjoy sharing ideas, creating characters and performing in front of an audience, try out the Drama Club. The focus will be on putting together a variety of performance pieces to be shown throughout the year. Don’t be shy, get into the act!

What better way to express your creativity than through painting! Revamping our old school wooden chairs is the goal of this fun activity. Each student will come up with a theme for their chair. We encourage authenticity, creativity, ingenuity and imagination!

Interactive and conventional, the Games Club is a place where students will engage in fun face-to-face non electronic board games.

Members of the Gardening Club will take part in the maintenance and expanding of the Royal Vale Garden. Students will enjoy the outdoors while learning how to tend to soil, winterize the garden, plant new crops, compost, harvest and play in the mud.

Students will raise money for the Montreal Children’s Hospital through the Just for Kids Foundation by participating in a singing/dancing competition in November with other schools in the city.

The goal of the Green Team is to provide the school with high quality enhanced recycling services and knowledge. We would like to raise awareness, to get today’s youth involved and to encourage them to work towards a cleaner environment. We would like to reduce our collective footprint.

High school students are paired with our international elementary students to help them improve on their English and/or French language skills. Students are paired to work one-on-one, 1 to 3 times per week. Our high school students help their student with reading and with the pronunciation and articulation of words.

Do you love math? If you do, then this just may be for you. The Math Help Centre is a place where senior students can help out younger students with math homework. What a great place to combine your passion for math and helping skills!

This course is designed as an introduction to digital photography which includes general information about framing and composition techniques, subject analysis, basic special effects and experimentation, the relation between subject and technique and digital editing.

Students will be introduced to sign language where finger spelling and basic sign language will be covered.

School Volunteer Programs

What a wonderful place to offer your services than in your school library! This library is a place to foster student’s love for reading and to make sure that they can be provided with the resources that they need. You can actively participate to help keep your library tidy and organized and to assist our school librarian with some small tasks.

Big Brother Big Sisters West Island collaborate with Royal Vale to match volunteer mentors who are fifteen years or older with children (mentees) from elementary. Volunteers meet with their mentees for one hour per week throughout the school year to talk, play games and have fun.

Live, learn, discover, become a citizen of the world! We collaborate with Éducation Internationale to enroll students in an exchange program based on mutual sharing to allow students to live a cultural and linguistic immersion that is rich and unforgettable. Students will learn a new language by living in either France, Spain, Mexico or Germany! Students can go for either one month or three depending on the country of their choice and age/grade eligibility.

The Peer Tutoring Program is a program that matches students from high school with students from the elementary level or of a lower grade in High School. Student tutors are chosen based on their academic standing and achievement and are usually referred by their teachers. Tutors have the opportunity to strengthen their personal leadership and communication skills.

School Committees

The student life committee provides students with the opportunity to build leadership skills while promoting a positive school culture. Students can participate in any or all aspects of Student Life.


Students have the opportunity to voice their concerns, opinions, and what they would like to see in their school. Those that have demonstrated great dedication and have a strong voice will present upcoming projects to staff council, be student representatives on Governing Board or serve the English Montreal Student Association Committee.

Ambassadorial Duties

These include greeting students, animating and giving tours at grade 7 orientation activities, speaking at elementary schools to promote Royal Vale, giving tours and greeting parents at Open House or Parent Teacher Interviews etc.


Fundraising events are planned in order to collect funds for local or international causes such as food banks, The Heart and Stroke Foundation, The Cure, etc. Greater fundraising endeavours have included raising funds to put the RVS sign in front of the school, purchasing the school mascot, buying a huge banner and stage lights for the auditorium.

Students participate in all aspects of planning and organizing school events such as school-wide BBQ’s or field day, haunted houses, dances, tubing trips, selecting and booking motivational speakers, etc.

Student members assume a variety of responsibilities to help support graduation activities and events.

The yearbook committee is an association of students from all levels ( usually one student per homeroom) who meet on a regular basis ( 1 day per two cycles) in order to assist the yearbook editors in producing this year’s yearbook. Some of their tasks consist in choosing the colours associated with their homeroom classes, choosing their homeroom mascot, taking candid pictures of the students in their homeroom during different periods of the day (throughout the year), collecting artwork from their homeroom group and assisting the editors in any and all other tasks to ensure the success of this year’s yearbook.

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