Principal's Message

A message from our school principal, Ms. Silvana Crigna.

A message from our principal:

Sinclair Laird, a school environment focused on meeting expectations and making a difference, one student at a time. Our goal is to build relationships at Sinclair Laird Elementary School.

As we look to celebrate diversity and achievement, I look forward to meeting each student and their families and discover their story. Our students journey is about bringing together their past, supporting their present and guiding their future.

My inspiration to make a difference comes from the daily victories that transpire through our student successes and exceptional staff efforts. I am dedicated to continue Sinclair Laird’s positive results through focused support and well defined planning. Going beyond the obvious.

We have several members of our staff that are new at Sinclair Laird and our focus is to work as a team to provide a safe learning environment. Together we will take action to help our children achieve academic, sporting, cultural and life-skill learning. We are here for them.

Our goal this year is building relationships through community efforts and team interaction. We know that with supportive staff and involved families, student success is guaranteed.

Silvana Crigna