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Virtue of the Month of June


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Halo Run

Take a virtual peek of our classrooms, activities and extra-curricular programs. Call us at 514.381.0355 to schedule a visit.Check out our photogallery

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Summer School Transition Courses

Open to all students entering their first year of high school in September, this course will help students improve their elementary math skills and prepare them for high school math topics.

Information is located on the homepage of the EMSB Website, please visit the website by clicking on the link below:

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June 01

Virtues Assembly

June 02

Bullying Presentation

School Wide Lunch (Cheeseburger)
June 05

Governing Board Meeting

June 06

Extra Drama Club

2:30 - 4:30
June 07

Nurse Workshop

Cycle 3
June 08

Flag Football (Cycle 3)

Museum (Cycle1)
June 09

Food Fair (Grade 5)

Special Snack
June 12

Senior Visit (Grade 4)

Last day for the Art Therapy, Extra Drama Club
June 13

PIZZA Lunch ( Most Improved Students)

Extra Drama Club
June 14


June 15

Kindergarten Celebration

June 16

Grade 6 Graduation 6 (5:30)

Special Snack, End of Milk Program
June 19

Drama Club Presentation
Snow White, come early !

June 20


Running Shoes are a must!
June 21

Computer Projects Presentation

Last day for Pre-K
June 22

Last Day of School,

Virtues Assembly
Cupstaking Competition
June 23

Summer Holidays

August 30th is the first day back for grades 1-6