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Find Out Who Received The "Virtues Award for Empathy"

for the Month of Januaray

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Nancy Drolet

Nancy Drolet Comes To St.Dorothy

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School Bus Safety Campaign - Feb 1 to 12

Each year, the Bus Carriers Federation sets up a provincial safety campaign to remind schoolchildren, stakeholders, and road users of the importance of adopting safe behaviours on board and around school buses. This safety awareness campaign takes place from February 1 to 12, when established habits and the sometimes harsh weather conditions make us less attentive on the road.

Website  Safety Rules Brochure


feb 01

New Registrations

1 - 5 February
feb 03

School Wide Free Lunch

Shepherd's Pie & PPO Meeting
feb 15


Daycare is open
feb 16

Mini Day (Tuesday)

Cycle 2, don't forget your swimming suit
feb 16

Teacher Appreciation Week

February 16 - 19
feb 23

Grade 6 Graduation Committee

feb 24

Winter Carnival

Bring warm clothes
feb 25

Parent Teacher Interviews

Only by Appointment
feb 25

Book Fair

Great selection of books to choose from
feb 26

Ped Day

Daycare is open
feb 29

Spring Break

February 29th to March 4th