Distinctive Programs

St. Dorothy school offers a number distinctive programs that are integrated into the existing academic curriculum. All students may participate in the programs that are offered below:

Distinctive programs at St. Dorothy:


St. Dorothy school provides free all-day pre-kindergarten starting at 4 years of age.

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St. Dorothy school takes a balanced literacy approach to the teaching of reading and writing in both French and English. The objective of the program is to improve material resources in our school and foster professional development for teachers. We use a comprehensive set of books to support guided reading - focused, small-group instruction aimed at the individual needs of each student.

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St. Dorothy school staff wisely integrates Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) within the curriculum to support, sustain and improve learning. ICT integrated inclusive classrooms will provide a wide variety of learning experiences, and will ensure that all learners will develop the skills necessary to validate electronic information.

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The St. Dorothy music focus program is taught in French as part of our Bilingual Program. The school has a variety of high-quality instruments that are available to children. Various musical, folkloric and ethnic styles including are taught to students in different learning situations.

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Tactical, physical and social aspects of sports fosters self-esteem, dedication, discipline and fair play. Playing sports assist students to achieve academic excellence. The goal of the program is to optimize athletic performance and sportsmanship.

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