Self Awareness

netiquette The core rules of Net-etiquette
bullying Bullying, a general resource for kids
life skills Life Skills by e-learning
pbs games

Situational delemas, Can you solve them?

What abou these problems?

Can we say something with a facial expressions?

digital citizenship Digital Citizenship
srub club ScrubClub - The Good, the BAC and the Ugly -
s team heros Join the S-Team -" Join the S-Team and help stop bullying! This interactive adventure will give you great ideas on how to deal with bullying. site annotation for Join the S-Team."
internet Monkey has a problem:
"Whole class activity to learn anger management. Many other activities to select and discuss.
out on a limb Out on a Limb - (Grade level K-2 )"A guide to getting along - Learn how to work things out with others. site annotation for Out on a Limb - A guide to getting along."