Cycle 2 Trip to Chäteau Ramezay


The Cycle 2 students enjoyed their visit at the Château Ramezay last Friday. This is the educational summary of what they did.

"Elementary school, cycle 2 "The Château Ramezay invites you to an extraordinary journey into the past. Within the walls of one of the best preserved vestiges of the French regime, discover three major groups that forged Montreal’s history.

Our programme, which has been entirely revised during the last few months, is in accordance with the Québec Progression of Learning in Elementary School curriculum. In small groups, the children learn about daily life in New France. Through interactive workshops, experienced costumed guides lead the students in an exploration of the daily life of three important populations of Montréal:

The First Nations
Through an artefact treasure hunt, the students will learn more about the First Nations way of living before contact with the Europeans. Objects and scale models will come to life under the eyes and hands of the children.

The “Voyageurs”

Travelling by canoe with the “Voyageurs” the children become familiar with the basics of the fur trade. Your students will explore the continent along a fur trade route.

Montréal Families

The students will discover that self-sufficiency required hard work and the involvement of the whole family. The children will learn more about food practices of 18th Century Montrealers and discover the art of textiles with a hands-on exercise presenting the transformation of wool from sheep to cloth. ( web site)

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