qr project

This year, the students of St. Dorothy were invited to read a story book where they were asked to create a literature response. With the help of their teachers, Ms. Jessica, Mme Enza, and Ms. Sherron, students recorded themselves using an application called “Adobe Voice” on the ipads.

Once the recording was finalized, a QR Code was created to link the student’s literature responses to the QR code. These codes were pasted at the end of the storybook where other students can now scan these codes and listen their classmate’s literature responses.

Bookmarks including your child’s QR code are being sent home on the last of school. Please make sure to scan your daughter’s or son’s literature response. You can do so directly from the bookmark.

This is the web version of the project. Enjoy !

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Click here to download the tutorial

This project was made possible by:
Mme. Sandra Léveillé
Teaching Staff, who guided students in their reading responses.
Ms. Jessica and Ms. Enza, who facilitated the project, printed out the qr codes
and pasted them in the storybooks.
Ms. Sherron, who translated the project as a website.