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FaranNoor Blaise & Jessie


Students built Ferris Wheels, crocodiles, flappy bird, drumming monkeys, and spinners using the wedo instructions from Lego . They learned how to use the crown gear at a right angle and two pulley gears to open and close the mouth of the crocodile. They also learned how to program the motion sensor and the gyro sensor to do various actions or play sounds.

( there are a couple of spelling errors, the comic strips where not edited)

comics crane
The Crocodile

FaranNoor made a crane.
He modified the counter weight and tested different ways to use the hook to grab onto objects.


The Bay Blade Competitions

Blaise and Aaron built the spinning top model from the Wedo instructions and became fascinated in different ways of making spinners. Blaise found a website to make manual spinners with rack gears and string. Many of the other students decided to make their tops. Each top was different, they are modifying them adding elements and making funky blay blades for in-class tournaments.

Bayblade from St-Dorothy School on Vimeo.