Parent Participation Org.


Once a child begins their journey of attending school for the very first time, it is a very normal and expected reaction of a parent to want to be aware and informed of what goes on at their child's school.

The Parent Participation Organization (P.P.O.) is a great place to start. The P.P.O. is made up of parents and is chaired by parents under the guidance of the school's Principal. Meetings are held once a month during the evenings where parents are informed of school news. Concerns, ideas and events are brought forth, discussed and brought to Governing Board for approval when needed. Sub-Committees with mandates are formed for parents to better respond to the different needs of each category such as pictures, dress code, Teacher Appreciation Week, Science Fair, dances, outing and graduation.

Some of the activities that PPO members are involved in organizing include:

2017-18 Meetings

Oct.4, 2017 Agenda Minutes
Nov.21, 2017 Agenda Minutes
Jan.16, 2018 Agenda Minutes
Feb.6, 2018 Agenda Minutes
Mar.13, 2018 Agenda Minutes
Apr.10, 2018 Agenda Minutes
May.8, 2018 Agenda Minutes
Jun.8, 2018 Agenda Minutes

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