Fitting In

School - Fitting In


Most international students worry about fitting in at their new school. Sometimes it takes longer to fit in than you would hope.

It's common for a new student to feel like an outsider for the first few weeks of school. Although this time can be lonely, you can help yourself fitting in by being friendly and approachable. Even if you are nervous, try to smile, say hello and ask questions.

It can be scary to meet new people but remember what it was like when you started your old school — your friendships did not develop overnight. As you get used to your new school it will become easier and easier to fit in.

One of the challenges about fitting in is trying to meet new people. Here are a few places you might meet friends in a new school:

The Classroom

Look around you, is there anyone who sits near you whom you can talk to at lunch or after school? Do you participate in group activities in class? If so, try to join a new group every time. This can be a great way to get to know people whom you have never spoken with before.


Think about the activities that interest you. Is there a club at your school that reflects these interests? If so, join it! If not, consider approaching a teacher to start your own club.


Most schools offer a variety of team sports and some offer different levels of sports that you can try depending on how competitive you want to be. Try joining intramural or varsity sports.

You don't need to meet all of your school friends at school — you might also meet people in your neighborhood. Join activities at your local library or recreation centre. No matter where you meet people, it's much easier to talk to someone if you share a common interest.