Homestay Problems

Homestay Introduction - Homestay Problems



If a problem comes up between you and your host family the first thing we ask you to do is to contact your homestay coordinator for assistance.

Our goal is your (and your host’s) safety, happiness, and health; we’ve found that most problems can be resolved when we listen to one another’s feelings and thoughts.

In some cases your homestay coordinator may have to find you a new host family.

A student may be relocated (and may even be sent back to your home country) if you are disrespectful towards your host family or refuses to follow the family’s rules. We are also very strict about how the host families should treat you. You will be immediately relocated if any member of your homestay household:

  • Regularly fails to provide adequate and/or healthy food.
  • Neglects you, by failing to include you in suitable family activities, or by failing to pursue constructive communication and conversation with you.
  • Willfully disrespects you, either through lack of consideration or insensitivity toward your feelings and/ or culture.
  • Fails to provide a clean and adequately maintained physical environment
  • Continues in unresolved personality conflicts with you, individually or in the family
  • Steals your property
  • Harasses you in any way—verbally, emotionally, physically, or sexually