Montreal Arrival & Pickup

Arriving in Canada - Montreal Arrival & Pickup


Your transportation from the airport to your host family may or may not be included in your homestay fee. If you requested airport pickup, and have informed your homestay coordinator of your flight arrival information, you will be met at the airport. Otherwise, you are responsible for making your own way to your homestay family.

After you get off the plane you will walk through a corridor where you will present your passport and documents to an agent. The agent will review your documents and stamp them allowing you to be in Canada. You will then go to the luggage area and collect your luggage. At that point, you will either go through the doors to the arrival gate, or perhaps to another area where customs will go through your luggage. The custom agents pick new arrivals by random. If you are picked, and have filled out your declaration honestly, the process will be quick.

When you finally go through the arrival gate you will see a crowd of people greeting other passengers. If no one is meeting you and you were planning to take a taxi to your homestay family, walk through the arrival area to the exit doors. The taxi stand is right in front. Make sure you have the complete address of your homestay.

If you are being picked up, look for someone holding a sign with your name on it. It may be very crowded, so be patient when looking for the sign. If you do not see anyone waiting for you, please do the following:

  1. Step aside and go to a place that is not crowded.
  2. Wait for the crowd to clear. Within approximately 30 minutes, most people will leave.
  3. Once there are not so many people look again for someone with your name on a sign.
  4. Listen for an announcement calling you. Sometimes if the pick up does not see you they will have you paged.
  5. If after 45 minutes you are sure no one is there for you, call your homestay/agent representative. You will be advised where to go, where to wait, or who to look for. Sometimes both you and the driver are there, but you just do not see each other.
  6. Do not leave the airport without calling and speaking to the homestay/agent representative.

We recommend that you make a copy of your most important documents, like your passport. Keep a copy with you and give one to your homestay family/guardian. Should you lose your passport, it is much easier to have a new passport issued if you have a copy of it.