Mission Statement

Photo credit: HOPEThe mission of the Mackay Centre School, a school for deaf and disabled children, is to provide a safe, caring environment which empowers learners to achieve maximum potential with a curriculum that is dynamic and responsive to student needs.

Mackay Centre School believes that all students are unique individuals with different learning styles, abilities, experiences, and different rates of development and learning. Students, parents and staff respect and appreciate these individual and group differences.

It is the responsibility of the school, in partnership with all the parents, to provide an atmosphere in which all students can develop socially, emotionally, physically, and culturally. We want students to learn in an active and independent way, and to develop positive attitudes toward themselves and towards their community.


Mackay Center School 3500 Decarie Boulevard Montreal, Qc H4A 3J5
T. 514-482-0500 - F. 514-485-7254

Mackay Centre School

A Social Affairs School of the English Montreal School Board

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