Support Staff

Secretarial Staff

School Secretary: Cesidia De Crescentis
Secretary: Franca Timpano (repl. Connie Menniti)


Caretaker: Rocco Mendaglio (Day)
  Frank Masciotra (Evening)

Childcare Workers

Special Ed Technician Pamela Ticker
Special Ed Technician Carine Chenet
Special Ed Technician Kyle Ashley Stanley
CCW Anna Cusano
CCW Filomena Manno
CCW Vanessa Racz


A psychologist is assigned to the school on a 1 ½ day per week basis. His/her principle task is to facilitate the adaptive and developmental functions of the child within the school context and beyond. For more information on the role of our school psychologist click here.

Psychologist: Claudia Guerrera (Wednesdays)

Social Worker

A social worker is assigned to the school on a part-time basis. The role of the social worker is particularly important in the area of family intervention or counselling.

Social Worker: Carmela Piazza (Thursdays)

Speech Pathologist

The speech and language pathologist evaluates, diagnoses and treats children with a variety of problems including articulation language delays, learning disabilities, stuttering, and speech disorders. Children requiring therapy are seen individually or in small groups on a periodic basis, and parents and teachers are often involved in home and school activities.

Speech Pathologist: Sophia Orfanos

Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist: Claudia De Luca


Spiritual Animator

Spiritual Animator: Maria Kelly (Tuesdays)


Librarian: Walter Pittman (Wednesdays and Fridays)

School Nurse

The nurse is assigned to the school 1 ½ days per week.

The nurse’s role is to promote health and safety as well as to carry out related specific educational and prevention programs.

  • The school nurse acts as a resource person in the school for pupils and staff.
  • The nurse identifies the health needs of the pupils referred to him/her.
  • He/she collaborates with the administration and staff regarding first-aid.
  • He/she counsels children and parents of children who have health related problems.

Nurse: Marie Pelletier (Mondays)

Lunch Supervisors

Lunch Co-ordinator: Antoinette Di Rienzo