• Slider1Why register your child at Saint Monica School? The answer is simple. Saint Monica gives your child exceptional opportunities to grow and succeed a modern Quebec society, all in a nurturing and caring environment. We are proud of what we can offer each and every child.
  • Slider2Each child at Saint Monica is part of our family. Classes are fully integrated so that students can learn from each other and benefit from the multicultural richness our community has to offer. Teachers encourage innovation and imagination, cultivating each child's gifts.
  • Slider3Students at Saint Monica benefit from a completely bilingual education program, offering a 50/50 split between English and French instruction, providing the best of both worlds and a linguistic advantage in today's global society. Learn more...
  • Slider4In addition to Saint Monica's own gymnasium and school yard, the school has easy access to excellent sports facilities. Whether it's skating at the Doug Harvey Arena, active play at the sports fields and playgrounds in Benny Park or swimming at the NDG Sports Arena, the options are just steps away. Learn more...
  • Slider5With electronic smartboards in every classroom, Saint Monica offers students a modern educational experience that allows teachers to use the internet and other digital resources to enhance classroom learning. Computers are also found in every classroom, along with a well-equipped computer lab.
  • Slider6Saint Monica's award-winning community garden is a wonderful opportunity for students to take advantage of agrigulture in an urban setting. Conveniently located on school grounds, gardening teaches students about plant biology and encourages healthy eating habits as students get to eat what they planted with their own hands. Learn more...

Upcoming Events

aug 28

Back to School

First day of school
mai 7

Ped Day

School Closed - Daycare Open
mai 14


Mother's Day Tea for mothers and guardians of Pre-Kindergarten students
mai 17


Halo Race - grades 4, 5, and 6 on Mount Royal
Mai 21


School and Daycare closed
mai 23


Cycle 2 students will be visiting Camp Tamaracouta
mai 31


Cycle 2 English Exam Ends
Cycle 3 English & French Exam Ends
jun 1

Ped Day Cancelled

School Opened


Share-the-Warmth Walk-A-Thon
jun 6


jun 8


Annual Family Fun Night

What's Happening at Saint Monica?

Principal's Newsletter - June

Click on the link below to download the Principal's Newsletter for the month of June 2018.

Supporters of the Bursary Program - Thank you Letter

Dear Donor, Thank you for helping to support St. Monica’s 2018 Mentor Bursary Program!.

New Mackay Centre Construction Update

Construction has begun on the new building for the Mackay Centre and Philip E. Layton schools. The new school will be built on Terrebonne Street, in back of École Marc Favreau. The project will take two years to complete and will be ready to house students in late 2018.

St. Monica School has been working with the EMSB, and will inform parents throughout each phase of the construction to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible.

For weekly updates, please visit the EMSB website.

S.O.S Learn Online Tutoring

SOS Tutoring

Experienced, qualified teachers are available online to help students with homework, study and review sessions in many subjects. Take advantage of this free service for all Quebec students. Register at www.learnquebec.ca

Click for more information

2018-2019 School Supply Lists

At the beginning of each school year, students are required to have certain supplies that they can use in the classroom. These supplies, which include basic items like pencils, crayons, erasers and markers, must be provided by parents and are not provided by the school. You will note on the supply lists a section with optional items. While not required to purchase these, you may choose to do so.

Please ensure that your child is prepared for class as soon as possible during the first week of school with the right supplies. For your convenience, you can download school supply lists by clicking on the Cycle/Grade below that your child will be entering in the new year:

New BASE Daycare Technician

St. Monica School has a new BASE Daycare Technician, Ms. Angela Zambito. She can be reached by email at azambito@emsb.qc.ca or by phone by calling BASE St. Monica at (514) 369-0087.

Introduction to Secondary 1 Mathematics

The EMSB is offering an introduction to Sec 1 math as a tool to help students impove their elementary math skills and prepare them for highschool math topics in September. Please click below for more information and to register.

Intro to Sec 1 Math Course

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