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Latest news from Coronation:
March Newsletter

The monthly newsletter has essential information about upcoming events and important reminders. All of our previous newsletters can be found in the Parents Newsletters page.

For this month's newsletter you may download a copy by clicking on the button below:

TOPO 2017 - Grade 6 Student Survey

TOPO is a survey conducted by the public health department on the health and welfare of elementary students in Grade 6. Particpation is voluntary, young people and thier parents fill out the questionnaire anonymously. To have the most complete portrait possible, very broad participation is essential.

For more information please download the PDF below:

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday Mar 22, 2017

  • School-Wide Trip to Chalet des Érables!

Thursday Mar 23, 2017

  • Senior Boys Karate (10:45 a.m.)
  • Governing Board (6:15 p.m.)

Friday Mar 24, 2017

  • Tutoring

Monday Mar 27, 2017

  • Pedagogical Day

Tuesday Mar 28, 2017

  • Junior Boys Karate (10:45 a.m.)

Wednesday Mar 29, 2017

  • Tutoring
  • Senior Girls Karate (10:45 a.m.)
  • Senior Steel Pan (2:30 p.m.)

Thursday Mar 30, 2017

  • Senior Boys Karate (10:45 a.m.)

Friday Mar 31, 2017

  • Tutoring