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May 2nd Ped Day Daycare Activity

April 15, 2014

Friday May 2nd, 2014 has been scheduled as a pedagogical day. Daycare students will be painting and decorating their own ceramic piece provided by Céramic Café Studio which they will be bringing home. There will be a $20.00 fee (daycare fees included) to participate in this activity.

The authorization form below must be returned by Monday, April 28. After this date there will be no acceptance.

CÉramic CafÉ studio

For May 2nd Ped Day

Uploaded: 2014-04-15

All parent correspondence posted online will also be archived in the parents section.

EMSB Virtual Library / Bibliothèque virtuelle CSEM

April 08, 2014

The EMSB Pedagogical Services Department has launched the EMSB Virtual Library, a compendium of online resources that support the Quebec Education Program. Check out emsb.qc.ca/virtuallibrary for bilingual, multi-media coverage of social sciences, science and technology, local and international news, and much more.

Les services pédagogiques de la CSEM vous offre l’accès à sa «Bibliothèque virtuelle CSEM» Un regroupement de ressources diversifiées, en ligne, qui soutient le «Programme de formation de l’école québécoise». Rendez-vous sur ce lien emsb.qc.ca/virtuallibrary pour y découvrir des outils bilingues, multimédias, dans tous les domaines ainsi que de l’actualité et plus encore.

Access to these resources is password-free from school computers. Most resources are also available from home 24 hours, 7 days a week by using the following username and password:

La plupart de ces ressources sera disponibles en tout temps depuis l’école (accès direct sans mot de passe) ou de la maison à l’aide du nom d’usager et du mot de passe:

  • Username: emsb
  • Password: csem

ACSES - Parent Workshop

March 31, 2014

Recent years have seen rapid development in interventions related to Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Asperger Syndrome (AS). However, programs incorporating themes related to interpersonal relationships and sexuality are very few in number, despite the pressing concerns of families and individuals affected by these conditions. The presentation will explore how intensive sex education can help individuals with ASD replace problem sexual behaviors with new appropriate behaviors that enhance social interaction and decrease inappropriate sexual encounters.

Sexual Behaviour ASD

On April 22, 2014

Uploaded: 2014-03-31

May Calendar and Letter of the Month

May 1, 2014

All parent correspondence posted online will also be archived in the parents section.

april 2014 Calendar

Hampstead Monthly Calendar

Uploaded: 2014-04-03

april 2014 letter

Hampstead letter of the month

Uploaded: 2014-04-03

School Calendar

Apr 14

Coin Drive 1$

We are collecting loonies today.

Transition to High School

Workshop for Grade 6 students
Apr 15

Coin Drive 1$

We are collecting loonies today.
Apr 16

Coin Drive

Anything goes today.

Popcorn Sale

Popcorn sale every Wednesday this month.
Apr 17

Governing Board

Meeting this evening at 6:30 p.m. (tentative)

Apple Store Visit

Room 13 visits the Apple Store today.
Apr 18

Statutory Holiday

School closed today (Good Friday)
Apr 21

Statutory Holiday

School closed today (Easter Monday)
Apr 22

Apple Store Visit

Room 9 visits the Apple Store today.
Apr 23


Subway sandwiches today.

Popcorn Sale

Popcorn sale every Wednesday this month.

Apple Store Visit

Room 10 and 12 visit the Apple Store today.
Apr 25

Free Dress and Crazy Hats

Free dress and crazy hats are allowed today for a donation of $1.00
Apr 28

Daycare Authorization Deadline

Deadline to return the authorization form for Ceramic Café Studio for the May 2nd Ped Day.
Apr 30


Its' TCBY yogurt day today!

Popcorn Sale

Popcorn sale each Wednesday this month.

Halo Race

At Mount Royal for participating students.
May 2

Pedagogical Day

Céramic Café Studio daycare activity at school.
April 2014 Calendar

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