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JUNE 2016

June 2016 Outline(notice sig figs are evaluated)

Long Weekend HW: Exam-type Questions(13)

Long Weekend HWAnswers That You Couldn't Find But Ethan Found'em

Wed's Short 10 Question HW Answers

Another Old Set of Questions(14)

Answers to Old Exam Given for Homework


More Exam-type Questions(11)


#1 Statics Stencil Answers

#1 Stencil Questions Only

# 2 Review of Stoichiometry and Genetics

(Scroll. The answers are at the end of the file, after the questions.)

June Review of Physics

2016: What Happens When Sea (Pack) Ice Freezes (The booklet's notes are mostly accurate):


June 2016 Review Part 1(fixed)

June 2016 Review Part 2

June 2016 Review Part 3

June 2016 Review Part 4v

June 2016 Review Part 5

(was used as Jan Review but worth redoing)

June 2016 Review Part 6

(flash is used to review ionic compounds)

June 2016 Review Part 7

Jeopardy Game 1

Jeopardy Game 2


Midyear 2015-16 Exam Review

Outline of January 2016 Theory Exam

Scan of Formulas Given to You in January Exam

Review 1: January 2013 Theory Exam


 Exam Review 2

Review 2 Answers

Exam Review 3

Review 3 Answers

Review 4: Radioactivity Review

Exam Review 4 With Answers

Exam Review 5: Physics Practice!!

Review 5 Answers

Jeopardy for January





JUNE 2012

LAB Exam Study Guide

January 2015 STE practical part(LAB) Review


STE review Exercise (may 26)

STE Lab Exam Review(Smita's Notes)


March Lab Exam Prep (updated)

Mutant dandelion? This inflorescence of dandelion flowers was found on a single plant by Andrew A.'s team.