School Bus Safety Campaign - Feb 1 to 12

Each year, the Bus Carriers Federation sets up a provincial safety campaign to remind schoolchildren, stakeholders, and road users of the importance of adopting safe behaviours on board and around school buses. This safety awareness campaign takes place from February 1 to 12, when established habits and the sometimes harsh weather conditions make us less attentive on the road.

Website  Safety Rules Brochure


Hooked on School Days - Feb 15 to 19

For a 6th straight year, Réseau réussite Montréal (or Montreal Hooked on School) is holding its annual Hooked on School Days. This event, which takes place from February 15 to 19, 2016, serves to remind us of the important roles we play in supporting our youth in their efforts to succeed.

Find out how you can participate at home by visiting or its social media sites below:

HSD Website HSD Facebook HSD Twitter


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