Our Online Kindergarten Spot Reservation Campaign is over. However, there still may be a few spots remaining. Please contact the school of your choice directly with any inquiries.

Please note that Elementary School Registrations from Pre-K to Grade 6 will continue at the schools. You can call and make an appointment to register your child during our registration period up until February 4, 2022.


January 31 to February 4, 2022

If you wish to enrol your child for the first time at the EMSB, please go to the school nearest your home and register. You may choose from a French Extended (Bilingual or Immersion – depending on what your local school offers) or an English Core Program.

For more information about which EMSB school your child can attend and whether he or she qualifies for transportation and English education, please call 514-483-7200 or your local EMSB school.

(Use the School Search section on this page)

The proper COVID-19 safety protocols will be followed for all schools when parents enter the building to submit the necessary documentation.
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