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June 2016 Review Center

2016 Chemistry Awards

Chem 2016 Outline (That's right. No electrochem on exam.(the chemistry gods are furious at them!) But study everything else.

Physics 2016 Outline (Notice sig figs count for 1 question on both physics and chemistry exams)


Exam-type Questions Volume 1

Volume 1 Answers

Exam-type Questions Vol. 2

Exam-type Questions Vol 2 Answers

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Exam-type Questions Vol. 3(answers too)

Volume 4

Solutions 4

Volume 5

Solutions 05

Volume 6 Review

Volume 6 Answers

Volume 7

Volume 7 Answers

LHA January 2005 Exam


Volume 8 Questions

V8 Answers

V9 In class Review

V9Questions for above

V10 More Ksp Practice V10Answers

Volume 11 Solutions

Volume 12

Solutions 12

Volume 13 With Solutions

Volume 14Gas Law Overview

Volume 15 Extra 3rd-4th Term Questions


Avoid these Common Mistakes in Chem

Programming TI-86 for Chemistry

Gas Law Overview

Jeopardy Game 1

Jeopardy Game 2


2016 Lab Exam Pretest






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