The EMSB’s AEVS Centres open a world of possibilities

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Montreal - Thursday, November 22, 2018

Did you know that students who attend an English Montreal School Board adult or vocational centre can open the door to a very lucrative career?

There is a wealth of opportunity and possible career paths accessible through the EMSB's vocational centres that can lead students to success.

Academic Advisor Miriam Furfaro and Assistant Director of Adult Education and Vocational Services Angela Spagnolo held a workshop during the recent EMSB Parents  Conference at the St. Laurent Adult Education Centre. The theme was "Transitions - Building your future with AEVS.”

This workshop explored the different options and services the EMSB’s vocational education department (AEVS) can offer.

There are many vocational courses including Health Services, Beauty Care, Motorized Equipment Maintenance, Woodworking and Furniture Making, Food Services and Tourism.  

Adult Education is for those aged 16 years and older  as of July 1 of the current school year who wish to complete their secondary school education or to complete pre-requisites for vocational training or post secondary education. Courses are varied in order to meet specific needs:

  • Traditional taught courses
  • Individualized learning
  • Distance Education (working from home when possible)
  • Full-time/Part-time courses
  • Evening classes

Ms. Spagnolo said AEVS is for someone "who is looking to either get a high school diploma, pre-requisites for CEGEP, a diploma for a trade, looking to find equivalencies for experience already earned or with a wish to be a student; a lifelong learner really."

It can also be someone who already has a degree and wants to learn about other topics.

Ms. Furfaro says assessments are made to help students determine whether they should pursue a high school diploma or opt for a vocational school. "We deal a lot with the outreach network,” she said. “These are a lot of students for age reasons or whatnot, who will not be going to CEGEP and do enter our vocational training programs."

Ms. Furfaro pointed to welding as an example of a potential career with great rewards. "With people going more and more in terms of customized kitchens and bathrooms, welders make gates, they make all kinds of decorative items…there's really a lot."

Most of the programs take about 12 months to complete. Others can be as little as nine months. And programs can start at various times in the year, not only in August or September, giving students more flexibility in terms of scheduling.

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