Adult Special Needs

Sociovocational Integration Services (SVIS)

This instructional service is a response to the need to diversify the training offered to adults who wish to enter the labour market and remain employed. It is designed for adults with little schooling or work experience.

The program of study associated with this service was revised in 2011 and has been offered in its current format since that time. It focuses on acquiring specific competencies in a semi-skilled trade and on learning how to plan and organize a job search. It enables adults to take charge of their learning, in order to update or develop skills that will enable them to face the challenges associated with new workplace realities.

The Sociovocational Integration program can lead to the Training Certificate in Sociovocational Integration of Adults (TCSIA) or the Training Certificate for a Semiskilled Trade (TCST).

There is a TCST-DVS bridge that gives access to vocational training. To benefit from it, an adult must hold a TCST and have accumulated the Secondary II credits for English language of instruction, French as a second language and Mathematics.

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