At  91 percent, the English Montreal School Board has achieved the highest Success Rate among public school boards in the entire province of Quebec based on a seven year cohort - figures released by the Ministère de l’Education et de l'Enseignement supérieur (MEES)

This is all the more impressive given the fact the province-wide Success Rate, which includes both public and private school results, is 80.9 percent. This achievement was made possible thanks to all those who contribute to the excellent education provided by the EMSB, from our teachers, to staff, parents, and volunteers and of course our students.

The  EMSB improved its Success Rate by a significant 2.4 percent over last year, to achieve a record high 91 percent. In addition Quebec private schools hold a mere 1.5 percent percent lead.   The public school system is taking a leadership role in Quebec education and as the largest English public school board, we couldn’t be more proud.

Our diverse programs ensure enrichment for those who need it and remediation for others.  And a 91 percent Success Rate is a testimony to how our board, through a variety of initiatives and support strategies outlined in our Commitment to Success Plan, is achieving this goal.  No matter what, we never lose sight of our primary purpose: student success!  And the proof is in our results.

The 91 percent figure is based on a seven-year cohort. It combines the high school graduation rate during that time period with the certification rate of students in the Work Orientation Training Pathway (WOTP). It followed the progression of students from 2010 to their graduating year in 2017.

In its Partnership Agreement with the Ministry, the EMSB had a goal of  88 percent for 2020. We have surpassed that target and our 2020 objective.