Elementary Self-Contained Classes

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Students audition and those selected are taught proper breathing techniques, phonation and...
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EMSB Chorale
EMSB Chorale has a proud history of providing exceptional music and vocal training at a...
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BASE Daycare Service
The Before & After-School Enriched Daycare Program is a bridge between the classroom and...
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Early Stimulation Class
Addresses the needs of our youngest student population between 4 and 5 years of age with a...
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Autism Spectrum Disorder Classes Icon
Autism Spectrum Disorder Classes (ASD)
For elementary aged students with autism spectrum disorder allowing them to grow and...
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Daily Physical Activity
Integrating opportunities for movement into the school day.
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Compulsory Extra-Curricular Program Icon
Compulsory Extra-Curricular Program
More information on this program will be available soon
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Elementary Education Program
General information on the Elementary Education Program
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Enriched Music
General Information on the Enriched Music Program
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Enriched Math, Science & Technology
General Information on the enriched Math, Science, & Technology Program
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The Bilingual Program offers 50% of English instruction and 50% of French instruction.
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English Core
The English Core Program offers 68% of English instruction and 32% of French instruction...
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Secondary Self-Contained Classes

Adult Special Education Programs