“Smile” Fundraiser Raises $7,900

MontreL - Wednesday, April 25, 2018

“A smile is contagious and we were thrilled to have shared this happiness with the parents, friends and special guests during the official staging our musical theatre production,” said Principal Martina Schiavone.

Appropriately called “Smile,” the show took place on Friday, April 20 at the Pius Culinary Institute and Business Centre. Audience members enjoyed a buffet prepared by the Pius Culinary students and a show which left everyone with a Smile!

Staff and students raised $7,900 via this project.  These funds will go directly towards covering all costs for a student field trip visit to Ottawa in May. This trip will include a boat cruise, a visit to an Aboriginal museum, a tour of Ottawa, concluding with a nice dinner at an intercontinental restaurant.

Never before has a Social Integration Services Program (SIS) for Adults with Special Needs show been coupled with a dinner.  Galileo’s dinner –theatre musical production Smile, headed by Alain Tourigny, Lisa Trotto, Lisa Germile, toasted the students many talents and teachers’ expertise into one memorable night of theater, music, art, culinary, academic, and job training.

Over 230 spectators attended the event. “From the sound of the applause and the expression on people’s faces, it was evident the show and performances not only captivated the crowd, but it also took them on an emotional journey,” said Ms. Schiavone. “Throughout the course of the show, students’ different talents were highlighted during their stellar performances such as dancing, singing, comedy acts, miming and playing the Brazilian drums.”

The school work program was also showcased with the students’ handmade soap, candy bags, flower center pieces, and the dessert platters created by our culinary students.

“Our mission at Galileo is to cultivate our programs to promote the manifestation of independence and social integration of our students,” said Ms. Schiavone. “Furthermore, we intend to explore our students’ personal, social, and school experiences into a stimulating environment. We successfully demonstrated these goals with the staging of Smile.”

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