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Bienvenue au Québec: EMSB hires three teachers from France

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Montreal - Monday, January 9, 2023

With a shortage of teachers affecting schools across Quebec, the English Montreal School Board has turned to France to find some new talent.

Working with the Association of Director Generals of English School Boards of Quebec, the EMSB embarked upon a pilot project which has already  led to the hiring of three teachers from France.

"Out of the nine English school boards in Quebec, the EMSB was very happy to be one of the first to join this initiative,” said Ann Watson, Director of Human Resources at the EMSB. “The process began for the EMSB in the fall of 2021, to put the plans to fruition and our hard work continued throughout the summer holidays in order for the EMSB to achieve its mission.”

Following the tireless efforts of the EMSB Human Resources Department, the three teachers arrived shortly after the beginning of the 2022-2023 academic year.

In January, as part of Le Mois du français à la CSEM, the three teachers will connect via a live stream to their classrooms with M. Frédéric Sanchez, the Consul general de France à Québec.

The teachers are:

Adéle Guilloteau, Willingdon Elementary School, NDG, French Generalist - Grade 1:

With a love for children and seeing them flourish, Adéle always knew that she wanted to become a teacher. While she has been teaching for just over one year, Adéle has found her ideal teaching placement in Montreal, having always been fond of Canada’s education system and equally interested in visiting Montreal. Slowly adjusting to her new life, Adéle hopes to find the time on weekends to experience all of what Montreal and its surroundings has to offer. Adéle grew up in the French countryside and completed her education studies in Bordeaux.

“The English Montreal School Board has been very welcoming to us, attentive and kind,” said Adéle. “The people who work in Willingdon are also very friendly, often offering help. This is very appreciated when you arrive in a place you don't know.”

Diane Leuillot, Edinburgh Elementary School, Montreal West, French Generalist - Grade 2:

Diane grew up in a family of educators, making teaching a natural profession for her. With her interest in working with children beginning at a young age, Diane’s path to Edinburgh Elementary School began five years ago.  She is most excited about discovering new teaching methods in Montreal, noting that she has already seen subtle differences in the pedagogy, and naturally, the students. Diane is from Calais and she completed her education in Lille.

“Working with English-speaking students makes my experience all the more enjoyable,” said Diane. “As far as the daily life here is concerned, I really like it, I feel good in this city. The people are very nice, friendly and helpful. The landscapes are really beautiful. So far I am enjoying my stay very much.”

Julie Caplier, Merton Elementary, Côte Saint-Luc French Generalist - Grade 5:

Julie has been teaching for two years and has always admired the important role that teachers play in the lives of students. During her time in Montreal, she wants to use this opportunity to grow personally and professionally, as well as ensure that her students can learn from her as much as she can from them. Julie is from the Hauts-de-France region.

“The EMSB has welcomed us from our first days here. I feel listened to and supported, especially by our pedagogical advisor Marie-Claude, who is always there for us,” said Julie. “I want to give children as much pleasure in learning as I had throughout my schooling. Thirsty for discovery and adventure, I seized the opportunity and passed several virtual interviews to teach in Quebec and here I am to live an extraordinary experience. It's when you get out of your comfort zone that you learn.”

About the English Montreal School Board

With a youth and adult sector population of more than 35,000 students, the English Montreal School Board (EMSB) is the largest English public school board in Quebec. Established on July 1, 1998, when the province created new boards along linguistic lines, the EMSB network consists of 77 schools and centres. For more details, visit the EMSB website at


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