Galileo Adult Education Centre Inaugurates Snack Shack

Inauguration of Snack Shack
Montreal - Monday, April 9, 2018

Galileo’s Academic Advisor, Nadia Matalucci, noticed that staff members were giving snacks to hungry academic students during their breaks. When she dug deeper, she discovered that some students lacked the time in the morning to have a good breakfast. This was the seed that brought Galileo’s Snack Shack to life, providing low cost, warm, healthy meals to all. The Snack Shack operates in addition to Ralph’s weekly Lunch Club, and Café Galileo.

Organized by SVIS teacher and chef Caroline Jelovcic, the Snack Shack provides SIS students the opportunity to learn the components of running a kitchen, from food preparation and following recipes, to cleanliness, shopping for healthy choices, creative cooking, and presenting and selling meals. This valuable experience builds confidence, and can be transferred into the working world.

The Snack Shack program was made possible thanks to an anonymous donation of $500, which provided the funding necessary to purchase the Shack’s first food order. This has enabled them to keep prices low, from one to two dollars per item. The Snack Shack has already raised $2,000, which goes back into the pot to purchase food and kitchen items for the culinary program.

Galileo Principal Martina Schiavone describes the SIS culinary program as the heart of Galileo. “Food is an international language that we all speak,” she said. “We come together around a table and share laughter, ideas, stories. Food does not discriminate or judge. It brings forth love for each other’s cultural dishes.  We hope with every bite of our snacks you feel at home at Galileo Adult Centre.”  

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