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Message from Trustee Marlene Jennings | EMSB approves recommendations from QESBA regarding the possible reopening of schools

Montreal - Saturday, April 25, 2020

Dear EMSB students, parents, personnel and all members of our English- speaking Minority Community of Montreal,

I am pleased to share with you all the recommendations which the QESBA (Quebec English School Boards Association) has provided Premier François Legault regarding the issue of reopening of schools in Quebec during this COVID-19 pandemic. As the  EMSB’s Trustee, I actively participated in QESBA’s discussions on this issue and wholeheartedly approved its recommendations.  May I also assure you that my views,  as the  EMSB’s Trustee,  were informed by the advice of our Director General, Deputy Director Generals and senior managers, as well as by input from Ms. Caroline Phaneuf and the EMSB Parent Committee, which she chairs. Our school board will ensure that the Minister of Education, Mr. Jean- François Roberge,  is made aware that the EMSB fully supports QESBA’s recommendations.  Please stay safe and follow all Quebec and Montreal Public Health Directors’ health and  safety instructions so you and your loved ones will remain healthy.


EMSB Trustee
Hon. Marlene Jennings

Please see the QESBA press release here

Please see the full set  of QESBA recommendations

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