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St. Laurent Adult Education Centre holds annual career fair

career fair
Montreal - Friday, May 19, 2023

The St. Laurent Adult Education Centre (SLAEC) cafeteria was bustling May 10  during its annual Career Fair. This annual  event brought together more than 20 companies, vocational centres, educational institutions and other professionals looking to hire students or have them enroll in their programs.

“Each year we also invite students from other EMSB Academic Adult Centres to join our students as they visit the different booths,” said Principal Daniela Lattanzio. “We hope that this day helps students gain a better understanding of the career path they would like to pursue. “ 

Annette Lacroce, a counsellor in re-education at SLAEC, notes “We have a lot of students that are graduating this year who want to see what is out there and what they can achieve with a high school diploma. For students that are still in school, they can look to companies such as Bureau en Gros or Ardene that offer flexible hours and part-time work.” 

Ms. Lacroce says she adjusts the presenters based on students’ career interests.

“This year in particular, I find we have a lot of students interested in the arts, film and photography,” Ms. Lacroce noted. “We were lucky enough to find organizations such as I.O. Acting & Creative Studio as well as professional artist Emily Read and photographer/videographer Alejandro Hidalgo who could share their passion with our students.”

Ms. Lacroce says events such as the Career Fair are incredibly valuable for the school, its students and the overall community.

“It brings a sense of hope and unity, not just for our school and students but also for the community centres and other organizations that take part,” she said. “It’s a wonderful opportunity.”

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