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Assistance in Health Care Facilities

The Assistance in Health Care Facilities, better known as, “PAB” préposé aux béneficiaires prepares students to practise the occupation of nursing attendant or home care attendant and to carry out a variety of occupational activities depending on how the work is organized.

Attendants ensure that the required medical equipment and materials are available and are properly maintained and safe. Attendants are trained to meet the general needs of clients, to help them compensate for their disabilities, to guide and support them in maintaining or restoring their autonomy and good health. When performing their tasks, attendants are in constant contact with their clients. They also work closely with the teams in place in order to make suggestions and share observations regarding the health, behaviour and needs of clients and those close to them. 

Attendants are required to continuously adapt to changing situations, given the instability of clients, and are thus required to intervene with caution and judgment as well as to pay special attention to changes in clients’ state of health. Attendants must deal effectively with pressure, be flexible and be able to adapt to the clinical reality of a care unit.

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