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Legal Secretarial Studies

The AVS program, Secretarial Studies-Legal, is designed to train students to exercise the occupation of legal secretary. The principal functions of a legal secretary are to prepare the documents required by lawyers, notaries or other persons in the legal field in their professional activities. Also, legal secretaries often act as assistants to their superiors. They are also called upon to carry out general secretarial tasks which are covered in the program leading to a DVS (Diploma of Vocational Studies) in Secretarial Studies. 

Most legal secretaries work for law firms or notaries, while others work for the legal departments of large companies, for municipalities, for the federal or provincial government or for trustees or bailiffs. 

Legal secretaries must be very productive and able to work under pressure, given the importance of time limits and the urgency of certain files. As legal secretaries are often in contact with clients, they must be very good at communicating and establishing interpersonal relationships. As assistants, they are required to observe professional ethics, especially in their general conduct and as regards confidentiality. 

The AVS program, Secretarial Studies-Legal, helps students develop the skills required to exercise the occupation and to master the competencies needed in the workplace in a legal environment. This training takes into account all the competencies included in the DVS in Secretarial Studies. In the interest of continuity and harmonization, the Secretarial Studies-Legal program favors the acquisition of competencies secretary.

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