Administration, Commerce & Computer Technology

Secretarial Studies

To develop in the students the competencies required to apply the following principles, rules and methods: integrate harmoniously into the school and work environments; to proofread business texts; to apply a keyboarding technique; to manage administrative information; to understand and identify various management approaches to quality; to manage their time; to design the visual format of a document; to write business correspondence; to use database software; to use the basic functions of word processing software; to use the basic functions of spreadsheet software; to use the advanced function of word processing software; to use telecommunication tools; to communicate in a business in an office setting; to handle bilingual communications in an office setting; to produce and receive business correspondence; to produce documents; to handle requests regarding labour laws; to update files; to prepare business meetings; to carry out common and periodic accounting tasks; to produce business correspondence in French; to translate business correspondence into French.

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