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galileo logoGalileo offers a unique blend of taught and/or individualized classes to all its students. Students are able to learn in an environment which promotes growth and acceptance, paving the way to their future. With an energetic and motivated staff to create one of a kind educational experience, Galileo’s curriculum stimulates and inspires the students to achieve their goals. It is also a place where futures are built and where second chances are possible. While our staff will do everything to encourage learning, we expect our students to have a strong desire to succeed, to be responsible and to take an active part in their own learning.

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Are designed to help you reach your goals and attain the skills necessary to succeed in the workplace. By combining our expertise with the passion that our teachers convey, we've created a dynamic and modern institution.

CEGEP Pre-Requisites (Diversified Basic Education (DBE))

CEGEP Pre-Requisites (Diversified Basic Education (DBE))

This instructional service is designed for adult learners whose learning profiles require them to complete one or more courses before enrolling in post-secondary studies. These adults usually have a first diploma and must first enroll in this instructional service to complete the required courses.

The programs of study in Secondary Cycles One and Two include courses that can be declared under this instructional service.

Diversified Basic Education (DBE)

Secondary 3-4-5 (Day)
Secondary 3-4-5 (Evening)
SEC 4 Math
SEC 5 Math
SEC 4 Science & Technology
Chemistry 534
Physics 534
History/Contemporary World
Common Core Basic Education​ (CCBE)

Common Core Basic Education​ (CCBE)

The Common Core Basic Education Program consists of 15 programs of study in the first phase of adult general education. These programs of study are made up of courses spanning three levels: Literacy, Presecondary and Secondary Cycle One.

Galileo Adult Education Centre:

Basic English Basic French

Social Integration Services​ (SIS)​

Social Integration Services​ (SIS)​

This instructional service is designed for adults experiencing adjustment difficulties of a psychological, intellectual, social or physical nature.​

The program of study associated with this service is designed to help adult learners identify a social participation project and to rapidly increase their level of autonomy as they carry out their project. The success of the adult learners depends on their own commitment and that of staff members and partners who support the implementation of a realistic project and the ability of the adult learners to use their learning in their own immediate environment.​

Galileo Adult Education Centre (SIS) 

Socio Vocational Integration Services​ (SVIS)​

Socio Vocational Integration Services​ (SVIS)​

This instructional service is a response to the need to diversify the training offered to adults who wish to enter the labour market, remain employed or pursue an education.​

It enables adults to create a career plan, development sociovocational skills, acquire professional competencies, and learn to plan and organize their job search. It offers adults the opportunity to adopt a process to update or develop skills in order to face the challenges associated with new workplace​ realities.​

Galileo Adult Education Centre (SVIS) 

Reception, Referral, Counselling & Support Services - SARCA​

Reception, Referral, Counselling & Support Services – SARCA​

SARCA services are designed for adult learners, who can use them before they enrol in adult education or during their general education or vocational training. They are designed to assist adult learners in choosing and implementing a learning plan in line with their personal and career goals and to provide the assistance they need throughout the entire process.


General Development Test - GDT

General Development Test - GDT

When an adult student reaches 18 years of age (on June 30th), and does not meet the requirements for admission to a vocational program, passing the GDT is one of the functional pre-requisites that is required to be eligible to certain vocational education programs.


General Education Development - GED

General Education Development - GED

Another way to get your high school equivalency is by registering to take General Educational Development (GED) tests. GED tests cover five different subject areas. A person must pass all five tests to get their GED certification (certified Canadian high school equivalency).


Secondary School Equivalency Test​ - SSET (TENS)

Secondary School Equivalency Test - SSET (TENS)

This test offers you the opportunity to achieve a Secondary School Equivalency Certificate. This will allow you to demonstrate the skills, knowledge, competencies and abilities you have acquired.


Distance Education for All Learners - DEAL

Distance Education for All Learners - DEAL

Study at home at your own pace!

Distance Education for All Learners is an at home learning program recognized by the MEES - Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur.

DEAL offers courses to obtain a Secondary School Diploma or prerequisites without attending classes.