About Willingdon Elementary

Willingdon School promotes the intellectual, social, emotional, physical and moral development of its students in a safe learning environment, to enable them to become responsible, agentic members of society. At Willingdon, we strive to foster academic excellence and a love of learning, stimulate intellectual curiosity, creativity and critical thinking, respond to innovation and enhance the partnership between parents and educators.

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What programs does Willingdon School offer?

Willingdon is a French Immersion school where only French is taught during the first three years of schooling, at the Kindergarten and Cycle I levels; all subjects, with the exception of Ethics and Religious Culture, are taught in French.

Once in Cycle II, the students receive instruction in both English and French.

The subjects taught in French at the Cycle II and III levels are French second language, sciences humaines, éthique et culture réligieuse, éducation physique et à la santé, musique et arts plastiques.  The courses instructed in the English language are English language arts, mathematics and science and technology. The Immersion schedule of the Cycle II and III students alternates whole days for each language; the fifth day is shared with instruction in both French and English.

What makes Willingdon really special is our Specialists Programs
Willingdon is a well-rounded French Immersion school in NDG.  A 21st century learning environment rooted in community and specialists driven.  Innovations in Science and Technology, Music and Physical Education devoted to social justice and environmental action both locally and globally.

Athletics Program

Willingdon School offers a vibrant physical education and health program taught by several specialists for all levels. Students in both campuses use the gyms, mini-gym, school yards, outdoor parks/fields and other learning spaces for lessons.

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Science Program

Science is taught using place-based, experiential and environmental approaches as mandated by the Quebec Education Program. The three competencies for science and technology are strengthened and put into operation during hands-on labs and cooperative discussion.

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Music Program

Music education inspires our students to succeed in their lives. Children learn musical educational concepts from Kodaly, Dalcroze, and Orff, they sing on pitch, they learn to play many different instruments, and most of all, they learn by doing.

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What is a Green School?

At Willingdon we know that children need to spend time outdoors reconnecting to nature and to each other.
Have a look at how we use nature as a mentor and a guide in our everyday approach.

Lead By: Dr. Kathleen Usher, science specialist at Willingdon School

For more information about Nature as Mentor and Guide at Willindon, please visit our website

Nature as Mentor and Guide at Willingdon website