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JFKAC: From ABCs to Zip Lining and Ted Talks

Montreal - Thursday, December 14, 2017

In addition to the traditional courses of English French as a Second Language, math, sciences and history, Principal Elizabeth Lagodich and Vice-Principal Darlene Kehyayan are striving to make adult education at JFK supportive and holistic, fostering an environment that provides students with every opportunity to succeed. They take a personal approach to issues that arise, and keep students connected to the school and to themselves.

This fall, an Outdoor Education course took learning beyond the classroom. Taught by Stuart Chappell, this course offered students the chance to enjoy new experiences in nature and the outdoors. Outings included zip lining through the trees at Arbraska, apple picking, a corn roast, hiking and biking. Building Resilience, a course that is also taught by Chappell, offers students ways to find balance in their lives. New meditation and mindfulness workshops provide students the space to explore self-awareness and in turn, enhance their learning experience.

Students can learn 3D animation, Photoshop, Excel and other skills in computer lab courses
On-site tutoring for French, math, and science is available. Tutors are handpicked university students who have demonstrated empathy and have struggled in school, and overcome their own challenges. JFKAC is proud of their Social Integrations Services (SIS) students. The course offerings for SIS include pet therapy, with a certified dog from St. John’s Ambulance, and music therapy.

School spirit is key at JFKAC. A new TED talk concept lunch series “Just for Knowledge” will begin in the New Year.  It aims to pique students’ educational curiosity and expose them to new ideas and career choices. In addition, field trips, such as downhill skiing, visits to museums and plays are available to those who are interested. The staff are all in to school spirit as well. This past Halloween they participated in the “House of Fortune,” where, for a small fee, students had their fortunes read by their elaborately dressed teachers. They raised $600 from this event, which was donated to the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

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