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International Students Welcome Party

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A true international experience.
Thursday, October 26, 2017

On October 13, the EMSB hosted an International Students Welcome Party to get to know each other and welcome them to the family.  Twenty-one Marymount Academy International leadership students (15 animators and six translators), along with their teacher Michael Bunn, organized fun filled ice breakers that involved physical activities and engaged the students verbally. Through animated activities our 80 International students were given an opportunity to enjoy EMSB hospitality.  All of the students had a chance to get to know each other over fun activities and a BBQ dinner. Special thanks go out to Anna-Maria  Borsellino, Assistant Director School Organization,  international student facilitators CheonSeon Angela Kim, Elisa Medellin, Jeanine Lason, Natasha Gillespie and Marjie Bober from LaurenHill Academy  for organizing such a successful event. They also thank Marymount Academy's Leadership Program and their Advisor, Mr. Bunn for helping make the experience fun, as well as Principal Fequet for letting us borrow his great students.

Meanwhile, 57 other international students from Rosemount High, Westmount High, Laurier Macdonald High School and LaurenHill Academy enjoyed a sunny day out in the woods at Arbraska Rigaud. Coming from countries such as Germany, Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, China, etc. for some of them this was their first time zip-lining. They all had lots of fun!  Special thanks go out to Elizabeth Ambrosii and Ms. Bober  from WHS and LHA respectively, for taking part in the trip and helping out as monitors. 

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