Willingdon Staff Adhere to Dares after Record $23,000 Raised for Terry Fox

students holding the total of the fundraiser
Montreal - Friday, October 7, 2016

Willingdon Elementary School in NDG (5870 Terrebonne) has a dedicated and much-loved Physical Education teacher, Lara Belinsky, who organized this year’s annual Terry Fox Run. She pledged that if the usual donation of around $8,500 could be doubled to $15,000 she would shave her head! The fact that she has a huge mass of black curls that can extend up to a foot across on either side of her face when it is brushed out made this quite the revelation.

The school went beyond the initial goal and as of this writing has surpassed the $23,000 mark. On Friday, October 14 (2:30 pm) not only will Ms. Belinksy proceed with her big shave event, assisted by hairdressing students from the EMSB’s Laurier Macdonald Career Centre in St. Léonard, but other staff members will go through with dares of their own.

Some of them include: Science teacher Kathleen Usher pledging to kiss the school turtle for $8,000; Junior Physical Education teacher and long-time Bruins fan Jonathan Stein agreeing to come to school as a Habs cheerleader for the day; music teacher Nick Batzios pledging to come dressed as a rock star; Vice Principal Vito Campell-Guerriero agreeing to a pie in the face for $13,000; and Principal Carmen Nicolas agreeing to a full out karaoke performance in front of the entire school.  

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